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Smooth and soft, feeling fresh and ready to take on the day! Nothing will make your face feel amazing like a facial. While the list benefits of receiving a facial treatment are indeed long, no one will disagree that the refreshing feeling that follows would be at the top. The mental health benefits are just as important as the health benefits a routine facial can provide.

Mentally, getting a facial can help you feel better about yourself. People today tend to work themselves until they eventually break from exhaustion. 55% of Americans feel stress at some point during the day, according to a survey done by Gallup in 2019. Compared to the global average of 35% of people experiencing stress during the day. That’s 20% more than the rest of the world!


Another survey done by Gallup measured 65% of adults ages 30-49 are the most stressed age group. Americans ages 15-29 follow that with 64% experiencing stress. The pandemic has also caused an increased amount of stress to us all.

With all the stress the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, we are here to help. How can we help you ask? By giving you the relaxing and pampered experience only a facial can provide! You must give yourself a little TLC in times like these. Fight those stress induced wrinkles, give some extra plump and softness to your skin.

Glow like the beautiful being you are, fight back the darkness called stress!

Getting a facial done is proven to help people relax due to the stress-free nature and environment that the service takes place in. The only demand from you or your mind in that moment is just to take those deep breaths and inhale the sweet aroma of the essential oils infused within some facial treatments.

One treatment that comes to mind, especially for winter months, is the moisture boost treatment. With a focus of restoring moisture to the skin at a cellular level, the moisture boost treatment is aid in keeping your skin hydrated.

Ps. The best part of getting a facial at Montana Academy of Salons, you wont break the bank to feel amazing! We have facial treatment services starting as low as 30 bucks. That’s a massive savings compared to going elsewhere!

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