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Like us, you’re probably in hibernation mode, but let us help you stay on top of your self-care this winter. Hydration is key during these bone-chilling months we get in Montana. So how do we keep our locks luscious and our skin from drying out during this harsh time of year? These are some of our favorite beauty products we are loving this snow season


This may or may not be a new concept to some, but oils are necessary for our hair and our skin. As scary and “heavy” as this may sound, the oils we recommend aren’t going to weigh your hair down or clog your pores.

Redken’s Oil For All is a lightweight oil made for all hair types and textures. Oil For All aids in less blow-dry time as well as protects your hair from heat while adding a subtle shine. Simply apply on damp hair from mids to ends and style as usual! Voila!

I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with dry skin during the winter months (well, year-round if we’re being honest.) So how do we remedy this without our pores feeling clogged? Enter my favvvvvorite oil, ever.

Only Yourx Recovery+Serum. This oil contains Cannabis sativa oil which heals the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Hyaluronic Acid binds water to the skin to aid in hydration. Apply a few drops AM and PM under your favorite moisturizer and your skin will thank you.

You didn’t think we forgot about your feet, did you? I sure would like to forget about mine. That was until I found DD Creme. If I could take one product to a desert island, this is the one. DD Creme is different than your usual footie lotion in that it contains an ingredient called urea. When it comes to the feet, it is the only ingredient that makes a HUGE difference. Urea locks in moisture while providing healing benefits to cracked heels. Apply this all over your body for non-greasy, moisturized skin.

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