Become a Sought-After Salon Professional

Wanting a facial but don’t know what it entails? We’ve got your needs covered. Our students do an in-depth consultation with you to determine your CUSTOMIZED facial that targets your conditions and concerns. So what exactly does each treatment do? Let’s dive in.

Only YouRx is a professional skin care line only brought to you by licensed skin specialists. We offer 14 targeted, customized and corrective treatments, with an additional 6 Chemical Peels that include aromatherapy. One of the most hydrating and universally beneficial is our Moisture Boost treatment. This facial focuses on hydrating the skin on a cellular level, repairing and protecting our skin from the drying effects of the Montana climate. In this 60 minute journey, you will have a customized exfoliation treatment, encouraging cell turnover and minimizing fine lines. Gentle enough for sensitized skin, our Moisture Boost really does benefit all.