Become a Sought-After Salon Professional

From Tik Tok trends to influencers throwing their opinions at you, it’s hard to tell what is in, versus what is basic. To keep it simple, we have lined up beauty trends we think are going to take off in the new year!

                Dermal rollers are out, jade stone rollers are in! As licensed professionals, we know how crucial it is to care for your skin at home and in the salon. However, we beg you to do so safely. So, let’s leave any use of needles to the med spas. Pick up a Crystal stone roller, put it on ice for ten minutes, and then roll it over your skincare in an upward motion. These stones have more benefits than just looking pretty, they help with lymphatic drainage, product absorption, and stimulate blood flow.

The Rachel haircut.

Do those words mean anything to you? Besides being a 90’s fashion icon and beauty inspiration to women everywhere, Rachel Green had incredible grit. Why wouldn’t we all want to incorporate a little more Ra-kel into our lives? With long layers or a short-layered bob, you can mimic her look with ease.


Let’s all agree that 2022 is the year of self-care and self-love.


If this year proved anything, it’s that life is short. Get that coffee, go to sleep an hour earlier, book that haircut you’ve been dying to try. Take some “me time” every day so we can say 2022, we’re ready for YOU!


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